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Believe Women. (Extended)

Proceeds go to the National Women's Law Center


In light of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's heroic testimony and the cowardly attempts on the right to belittle her truth, I wanted a way to show my support to all women brave enough to share their stories and see them questioned. I also wanted a way to raise money for an organization doing important work to defend these women. 

Believe Women - to me, it is that simple. False rape accusations are statistically insignificant, and a boogeyman that has been used to protect terrible men guilty of unspeakable crimes for far too long.

It's not the most original t-shirt design, but it's also a way for me to fundraise for the National Women's Law Center (https://nwlc.org/), an organization that has been championing women's rights -- from education to healthcare to criminal justice -- in the courts for 40 years. They maintain the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund, covering legal costs for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. And they've been vocal advocates for Dr. Ford over the past several weeks.

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