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18for18 Pledge

We're taking the pledge to do 18 things per month to get Democratic candidates elected in 2018.  Will you take the pledge as well?



I will not be idle.
I will not be silent.

I pledge at least one of the following:

·      a recurring donation of only $18/month to my local Democratic Party to support political change both locally and across my state;

·      to make 18 phone calls or knock on at least 18 doors every month to speak with my neighbors and friends about the possibility for positive change in our state;

·      to help boost the message of real, positive, systemic change through my civil use of social media; and/or

·      to attend and support my local Democratic fundraising and informational events.

I acknowledge that, while I may not be able to do all the items on this list, I can commit to at least one and becoming part of the solution. 

I am not obligated to complete the work, but neither am I free to desist from it.


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