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“Organizing a fundraiser to raise awareness about the disease that had just flipped our world upside down gave me some control back.” 

— Erin Hoffman


Simply put, the word “tribe” can be described as a group of people that share a common quality, whether it’s a belief, custom, or interest. This group can be a large family, adopted strangers, or a community that unites to give back to their neighbor. That’s exactly where the idea for #TomsTribe sparked— out of pure love and endless support shown by those close to Tom, near and far.  

It all started after Tom and Erin made a life-changing trip to the emergency room in March of 2017. Tom was in Madison to take his eldest son to his high school basketball tournament. Shortly after the trip, he experienced some stomach cramping but assumed he caught something from one of the other children, who felt ill as well. After agonizing pain that lasted nearly a week, the pair was convinced it was either a bug or appendicitis. They were stunned when they heard Tom’s diagnosis…

Retroperitoneal liposarcoma.

In an effort to remain positive during such a negative time, dedicated wife, Erin, launched a t-shirt fundraiser to unite supporters as he fights the disease. Erin was able to keep the fundraiser a secret so supporters and loved ones could surprise Tom using the hashtags #TomsTribe and #StrongerThanSarcoma just a day before his surgery. This showed Tom the overwhelming amount of support he has in the community, and uplifted his spirits as he fights the disease.

All of the products displayed “Tom’s Tribe” in bold lettering with #StrongerThanSarcoma just below that. The 12 items in the campaign were a variety of grey apparel suitable for anyone — ladies, men, and children. Erin relaunched the campaign three times based off of popular demand. As a result, she was able to raise over $3,500 for both of the organizations that helped her and her family through this process. But that’s not all — she was able to uplift Tom’s spirit prior to his intensive surgery.

This was a fraction of the result.



We Helped Raise $130,000 for the Boston Women’s March for America (Updated)

Since this blog was posted, Ink to the People raised nearly $130,000 dollars for the Boston Women’s March for America. Throughout the process, we sold t-shirts, hoodies, and knit beanies that were worn by nearly 10,000 men, women and children. Roughly 200,000 people were present at the Women’s March in Boston and we are honored to have been a small part of it.

We are thrilled to share with you that we have been working with the Boston Women’s March for America as their gear provider and fundraising platform! The Boston Women’s March for America unites in Boston, MA to march in solidarity for communities oppressed by hate throughout the nation. They are part of 100+ simultaneous marches around the world that are marching for equality, decency and justice.

“Together, we will send a message to our leaders and the world, that the United States of America stands for values of human decency, equal rights and freedom from discrimination.”

— Boston Women’s March for America

But we are more than just their merchandise provider— we are their fundraising partner. Like our comrades, we are inspired to take action within the community and engage individuals in the challenges that face our nation.

A portion of each tshirt benefits the March and a fraction of that amount pays for production expenses. You can get your official Boston Women’s March tshirt, knit beanie and/or hoodie by visiting our site.

Shop before January 8, 2017 to get your items before the March, which will be held Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 11 AM. Visit Boston Women’s March for America for additional event details and information about the amazing work they’re doing.

Women’s Marches are happening all across our nation on January 21st. If you are not from the Boston area, we encourage you to seek out nearby cities participating in the movement.

Did you know we are a certified SGP “green” printer? Learn about our commitment to sustainability, recycling and energy conservation promises on our website.

Our Winter Giving Initiative: #TeesWithLove

*Since it gets as low as -2 degrees in Milwaukee at night, we believe our brothers and sisters shouldn’t endure the brutal weather. Thanks to our Ink community, we donated nearly 150 shirts to local homeless shelters in the Milwaukee area. We’d like to thank you for joining us in giving back to our community and helping fight homelessness.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each year, Ink to the People and our sister company, Visual Impressions, welcomes the holiday season by donating thousands of shirts to Milwaukee’s homeless because we believe in the power of giving back to the community we reside in. As a result, we have been able to provide our brothers and sisters with wearables that will give them an extra layer of warmth during the Winter season.

This year, we were searching for something different. Ink has a devoted mission to commit ourselves to helping people. We are inspired by our users, who passionately and wholeheartedly bring awareness to causes of special significance to them.

We have decided to not silently sit by and allow the men, women and children of Milwaukee without shelter remain cold this winter. We have decided with every share via Facebook, we will double our annual tshirt donations. In doing so, we want to raise awareness for those who endure this harsh weather most.

Join us in spreading the message and giving #TeesWithLove!

The Ink Team

Community Update 2016

Summer News 


These past few months have been very busy here at Ink to the People.  We’ve made a few changes to our site as well as a few additions to our core team.  

Let’s start with our additions … we’d like to welcome Eric Addeo and Cameron Robinson to our Ink team.  Eric is our new Chief Marketing Officer and has been focused on our overall operations, Ink to the People’s marketing, communication, and brand development.  Cameron is our new Director of Social and is developing and managing all of our social channels as well as content development, community posting, our Ink blog and newsletter.  

Here are some of the changes. Ink to the People is very proud to launch our updated branding and web design.  Please let us know what you think. Ink to the People We are also working with our development team to improve and simplify our design tool as well as add some key functionality improvements throughout the site.  We’ll update you once these changes are made over the next two months.  

Now, since you guys have been pretty busy too, we want to share what some of your fellow fundraisers have been up to the last few months.  Several hundred campaigns have been launched, but here are just a few examples from the past few months! 



Milwaukee Mom's Blog Raised over $900 


Milwaukee Mom's Blog, a part of the City Mom’s Blog Network, raised over $900 for their woman’s mental health initiative. Their mission was this:

"1 in 7 women will experience postpartum depression or a related illness, in a disparate area like Milwaukee County, that number is likely MUCH higher.Moms Mental Health Initiative’s staff and volunteers are the boots on the ground — supporting moms and helping them find professional treatment so they can get better and their families can thrive.If you’re a mom suffering from emotional complications during pregnancy or after childbirth, you’re not alone. The mission of MMHI is to connect moms in the Greater Milwaukee area to professional resources and mom to mom support for effective recovery from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders such as postpartum depression and anxiety."


A huge shout out to the MKE Mom Blog for helping raise funds and bringing a little known community and issue to the forefront! 





The People's Flag of Milwaukee


The new Milwaukee flag was ushered in on June 14th, 2016. The reveal took place at 88nine Radio Milwaukee. All proceeds from sales are going to the Greater Together initiative whose mission is to promotes racial and economic equity in the creative industries in the Greater Milwaukee area.


"Rated highest amongst four other finalists, as determined by the public, “Sunrise Over the Lake” will hereby fly as a symbol of potential and aspiration. 

Professional designers and facilitators engaged hundreds of students in workshops across the city. Months of social media communications invited amateurs and professionals alike to enter their flag designs. The result was over 1,000 stunning entries.

Five expert judges gathered on April 23, 2016 and narrowed down the entries to 45 semifinalists and five finalists. Following the announcement of the five finalists at City Hall on May 14, 2016, Milwaukeeans rated each on a 0–10 scale to determine the highest rated entry."


Professional designers and facilitators engaged hundreds of students in workshops across the city. Months of social media communications invited amateurs and professionals alike to enter their flag designs. The result was over 1,000 stunning entries.

Five expert judges gathered on April 23, 2016 and narrowed down the entries to 45 semifinalists and five finalists. Following the announcement of the five finalists at City Hall on May 14, 2016, Milwaukeeans rated each on a 0–10 scale to determine the highest rated entry."

With the support of the community and city council, The People's Flag of Milwaukee may soon be flying high on city hall, but in the meantime with the help on Ink to the People the MKE Flag has raised over $4,500 for the Greater Together Initiative. 




Joel and Stefani Dunn World Changer - Rising Star Junior School


This month Joel and Stefani Dunn surpassed the $40,000 mark with ease. They are raising money for the Rising Star Junior School, located in Uganada. More on the school:


"Rising Star Junior School is located about 30 miles northwest of Kampala in Wakiso District. The school was opened in February 2012 with a student enrollment of 295 students from nursery to an equivalent of 4th grade. Currently, finishing the second year of service, Rising Star has a student enrollment of 370 students and has a teaching staff of 16. In 2013, Rising Star opened a 5th grade class to give the opportunity for the previous years 4th grade class to continue their education at the school, the school will continue to expand through secondary school to meet the needs of the students and community."


You can find out more about Joel and Stefani on their facebook page, check out World Changer while you are at it! https://www.facebook.com/joelandstefanidunn/?fref=ts

This campaign is sending good vibes in every direction, what a great benefit!




I Speak Up for Pit Bulls


From Mid-June through Mid-July … I Speak Up for Pit Bulls ran their very successful fundraising campaign.  They raised over $800 for Pit Bull support in Montreal, surpassing their goal of $750!  Here’s more on their mission: 


"The Montreal government seeks to rid the province of all pit bulls by January 2017 and new dogs will not be allowed in. People are at risk of losing their beloved family members.We know that BSL is not the answer, responsible ownership and sensible laws are. We stand with our friends and offer our support at this sad and scary time."


There is still time to act against the Pit Bull ban. For more information, visit their site!





That’s what we got for now.  Keep us posted on what your doing and we’ll be sure to share.

Keep up the great work.


Till next time,

Team Ink




Offering Options can Increase Sales

One of our newer features is the ability to sell more than one product in your campaign. The availability of styles to sell relies on the color of the item you have chosen. If it is a common color such as black, white, grey, red, or navy you will find many choices to include. The ability to offer more styles increases your opportunity with your supporters to build a larger campaign and raise more funds. The more variety, the better the chance to sell something or many times, multiple items. The average order on INK is just under two items. Take advantage of this feature now and start thinking about your next fundraiser. Begin your design now and see the difference. Or you can learn more about the process here.

T-shirt Sale = Clean Drinking Water

Meet Joel Dunn -

Joel Dunn

Joel and his wife Stefani launched an extremely successful campaign on Ink to the People recently to raise funds for clean drinking water in Uganda. They were authentic with their campaign raising money for a need which most of us take for granted. After they performed so well and their supporters were asking for more, they launched a second campaign and collectively they raised over $7000.

Their Cause: Drinking Well and Storage

In Wakiso, Uganda, school children have not had access to clean drinking water until recently as a result of Joel and Stefani Dunn's t-shirt campaign. They used to walk almost 2 miles each way and carry heavy containers of water instead of learning in the classroom at their school. With the funds recently contributed by the Dunns, these kids can now spend more time learning and less time transporting water.

Selling 543 shirts gave them the necessary funds to build: 2 x 10,000 liter water towers, 1 x 50,000 underground container, and 1 x new well to fill all of them. We are proud to be a small part of their success.

Do you have a cause that you are passionate about? Get Started with your t-shirt fundraiser, raise some funds, and make a difference.

Wrapped with Love

Start a fundraiser today and you could receive an additional $100!

receive additionanl $100 promotion


Ink to the People is excited to announce a Fall promotion that helps you receive $100 more funds to donate to a cause of your choice. Yes, you heard that right, MORE MONEY to give to a cause that means a lot to you. We're pretty sure no other t-shirt fundraiser company is offering that to you right now.

Starting now until November 30th, 2015, everyone that starts a t-shirt fundraising campaign, and raises a minimum of $100 in funds, will receive an additional $100 from Ink to the People to donate to the individual or organization of your choice!

Just imagine how grateful your local charity or friend in need is going to be after you create a successful fundraiser by simply uploading a design, choosing a tee or item to sell, and then share with the world. It's that simple.

To get started with your campaign and start raising money today, click HERE. Best wishes and thank you for using Ink to the People for your t-shirt fundraiser! Click the "Contact Us" button for any questions.



Starting on October 15th, 2015 at 12:00 am CST, for each t-shirt campaign that is launched and raises at least $100 of funds by November 30th, 2015, Ink to the People will donate an additional $100 to your cause. The promotion ends on November 30th, 2015 at 11:59pm CST. Any campaign that starts after this time is not eligible for the additional $100 of campaign proceeds. If the campaign sells a minimum of $100 by the completion of the campaign, it is then eligible for the additional $100 of campaign proceeds  At the end of the campaign, the total [original amount raised plus the $100 bonus] will be sent to the individual or organization designated.

T-Shirt Fundraiser Spotlight: Spot Abuse

Spot Abuse T-Shirt


Thank you to Spot Abuse for choosing Ink to the People to create their t-shirt campaign. These unique shirts were designed by local Milwaukee art directors that work for Serve Marketing, the agency that utilizes their creative talents to raise awareness for this cause.

Read more about this initiative below and click HERE to purchase a t-shirt to help fund The Spot Abuse Project.


The Spot Abuse Project is an effort, being piloted in Milwaukee, to reduce the growing percentage of domestic violence, by encouraging more residents to dial 9-1-1 when they suspect animal abuse. The effort is based on research from the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys that found 76% of animal abusers also abuse a member of their family. The premise is that if more people can be convinced to dial 911 when they suspect animal abuse (an act generally considered to be easier than reporting domestic abuse), that the police will then have the opportunity to uncover a higher number of domestic violence cases.

The campaign to inspire residents to report animal abuse is key to the success of the program. If we don't move people to make the first call, the cycle of violence will continue. To sustain an effective level of reach and frequency for the awareness campaign in Milwaukee throughout the year, funding is needed. Your donation is greatly needed.



Carsyn Taylor McKenzie is a Milwaukee-based graphic artist who has a love for all animals. She believes that animals are a major part of any family and her design was based around the different four-legged family members in her life.

Nick Heiser is an Associate Art Director at BVK. He has worked on the Spot Abuse project throughout this past year and has been a dog lover his whole life. His goal was to design a simple shirt that could be enjoyed by all dog lovers alike.

Kelsey Barnowsky is an art director and designer from Milwaukee. Aside from designing, she enjoys meditation, yoga, the outdoors and learning about the universe. Many of her personal designs incorporate these aspects. Her design for Spot Abuse represents dogs as majestic creatures. She believes they are wise, intuitive and spiritual animals that teach us unconditional love and are physical guardian angels. After having three very unique dogs in her life, she wanted to create a design that spoke to their loving and divine nature. The spots in the design are a tie back to the Spot Abuse campaign.

Northwestern Mutual & Alex's Lemonade Stand

Pictured: "The Lemonade Ladies" - Carolyn Cento, Jenny Rae Peterson, and Alicia Lorino after sorting through over 800 t-shirts


“At our company, employees love three things:

t-shirts, jean days, and supporting a good cause.”


In 2012, Northwestern Mutual launched a campaign to raise money and create awareness for their Childhood Cancer Program. In doing so, they partnered with Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a local Milwaukee nonprofit. Together, we helped provide support for families by raising over $15,000 for cancer research.

We reached out to the Lemonade Days volunteer coordinator, Jenny Rae, about their fundraising efforts!

What is the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation?

At the age of four – while battling cancer – Alexandra “Alex” Scott announced that she wanted to hold a lemonade stand and give the proceeds to doctors so they could “help other kids, like they helped me.” Alex and her family built a stand and for one weekend in June she sold lemonade. Over the next four years, Alex held her stand each June. She set a goal to raise $1 million. As word spread, more people stopped at her stand to buy lemonade. Then something amazing happened: other kids and adults from around the world started holding stands in her honor and sending her the donations. In August of 2004, shortly after Alex and her supporters raised $1 million for childhood cancer research, she passed away. Alex started a movement that her parents, Jay and Liz Scott, continue today through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. As of 2015, ALSF has raised more than $75 million and funded more than 375 research projects across North America.

How did Northwestern Mutual get involved with ALSF?

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children from ages 1 to 19 in the U.S. Yet, childhood cancer research and services are vastly and consistently underfunded. That’s why Northwestern Mutual launched its Childhood Cancer Program in 2012 to accelerate the search for cures to childhood cancers and to provide support to families battling the disease. Northwestern Mutual is committed to working with nonprofit partners such as ALSF.

Why did you decide to do the t-shirt fundraiser?

We wanted to find a way to create a lasting impact that could be shared beyond the walls of our campuses.  At our company, employees love three things: t-shirts, jeans days, and supporting a good cause.  We were thrilled to be able to satisfy all three through our t-shirt campaign.  Much to our surprise, we sold 701 shirts with last year's campaign and are hoping to match that this year!

What have you liked most about your campaign with Ink to the People?

We’ve had a great experience with Ink to the People and loved the idea that we could create a shirt that would give back in so many ways.  Ink to the People made the process simple, were always incredibly helpful and responsive, and provided us with a terrific product that created a lasting impression.  Long after the campaign is done, our message will be out in the world thanks to the work of Ink to the People.  We were nervous about taking on such a large project, but Ink to the People made the process less daunting, so all we had to focus on was spreading the word and driving people to order our shirts.  We’ve utilized emails, posters, Yammer, and any other channel we can get our hands on!  Thanks to Ink to the People, we’re able to make an impact that’s even larger than we could have ever imagined!

If you have a cause you're passionate about, we hope you'll consider designing a shirt and launching a fundraising campaign today.

Thanks For A Great 2014

The End of the Year is a wonderful time for reflection. As we take stock from the campaigns we ran in 2014 and continue to plan for the days, months and year to come, we are excited to share some results for the year and fill you in on what we have planned for 2015.

To date, together we helped run 929 successful campaigns, print 237,552 t-shirts and raise $1,350,057. By the time you’ve read these words, those numbers will continue to grow. Additionally, we will continue to add campaigns and work with some great organizations. Both our user generated and curated campaigns will continue to evolve.

These results are yours as much as they are ours. Your ongoing contributions via campaigns, purchases, and sharing have all contributed to their overall success.

Here are some of the most successful campaigns of 2014:



Proceeds from the sale of the #Valentine4Boston t-shirt went directly to the Pawsitively Strong fund. These funds provide service dogs at NO COST to survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings who have sustained a permanent injury.​

Total Results:

- 434 shirts sold
- $6,300 raised



Best for Babes

Every purchase from the official shirt of the 1st Nationwide Miracle Milk™ Mother's Day Stroll for Babes helped benefit Best for Babes and their partners to accomplish their mission of helping more moms to get more milk to more infants in need.

Total Results:

- 439 shirts sold
- $4,321 raised




Guardian Rottweilers

Proceeds from the sale of the Guardian Rottweilers t-shirt went directly to help connect courageous guardians and loyal companions, using the best German and European bloodlines to produce calm, confident, courageous dogs.

Total Results:

- 183 shirts sold
- $3,752 raised

Staggering statistics aside, our mission is to help give back to great organizations. We want to continue to build a community and evolve our platform to make it easy to raise funds for your favorite organizations.

And to make it easier for you to help fundraise, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new website.

Here are a few features you can expect from our new site.

- Improved User Experience
- Increased Sharing Options
- Advanced Design Tools and Product Offerings

We’re looking forward to a big 2015. We encourage you to keep creating and sharing campaigns close to your heart. Keep posting your feedback and let us know what organizations we should partner with.

Keep your eye out for some great campaigns this coming year.

Here’s to all the best in 2015. Thank you for all your support!