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China Mission Trip t-shirt GV

Help support my missions trip to Hong Kong, China!


My entire life I've had travleing in my blood. We use to travel all the time when I was a kid and I always enojoyed it. I knew that it woudl be a part of my life one day. I felt the call for missions at the age of 18. I went on my first missions trip in Novemeber 2017 to Bangladesh. The Lord did so many amazing things there. He’s continuing to do amazing things there. While we were there 30,434 heard the gospel, 16,112 Gave their hearts to Jesus and there were 133 healings! (That we know of!) SO many people heard the gospel for the very first time in their lives. Some of the team stayed and vistied the villages we went to and handed out bibles and continued to pray for people. My heart was very stirred while I was there and the Lord confirmed this is one of the things that he's called me to do.

I now have the oppurtunity to go to Hong Kong, China in June 2018! I will have the oppurtunity to work with local churches, go to school, parks and do mulitple family festivals within the city. I am SO excited! I've decided to sell t-shirts to help raise funds for this trip. $25 for each shirt. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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