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Commit to Kind T-shirts

We are a growing movement of kids coming together to put a stop to the crisis of bullying in our schools and communities by committing to being kind.


I’m Nora Nissenbaum and together with my friends we're taking a stand against bullying of all kinds for all kids.

I know first-hand how incredibly painful it can be.  So often, kids are told to just avoid and ignore bullies and “be tough.” As kids, this can be a lot harder to do than grownups realize.  I know I tried for a long time to be tough but began to have problems with anxiety and depression.  Kids have a lot of stress on them already with school, sports, friends, etc. – add a bully to the mix and it can spell disaster! 

Bullying is such a huge problem that clearly adults can’t fix alone.  Kids need to DO something – WE need to have a loud voice to address this issue and we need to be heard! Kids and grownups have the power to stop the bullying trend by making an active commitment to kindness!

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