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Family over everything RIP mike

we have lost one of our best friends.... a piece of our family... but more important is the fact a wife and kids have lost their father and husband.


if you ever had the chance to meet Mike R. You knew that he lit up a room. His smile turned your whole mood around.  He had a vibe about him that just made you want to know him and his wife.  I don’t think any of us saw what he was going through internally and we will all forever wish we had. But if we knew anything about him we knew his wife and kids meant the world to him. So to honor him we all have to come together and make sure they are taken care of. To us this is just a shirt for a man we loved.... but for them it is being able to pay for something he may have provided for them. Brittany is one of the most giving women and it’s our turn to help take care of her. Please buy a shirt and weee it proudly because as the shirt says... this man is gone.. but never forgotten.   

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