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Feed a shelter dog

For every tee or sweatshirt you buy you are helping to feed one of our shelter dogs for 5 days.


 For several years Mars Petcare donated our dog food to us. We would drive 2 hours to go pick up between 900 to 1,100 pounds of dog food every 6 months. Last year the company informed us that they will no longer donate dog food outside of a 50 mile radious from their dog food plant. This hit our shelter hard. We are a small non-profit no kill dog shelter that is funded entirely on private monitary donations to meet monthly operating costs. Our mission at the Holt County Animal Shelter is to foster a healthy companionship between humans and animals, to help enhance appreciation of animals, prevent their abuse, and underscore their intrinsic value.

We are located in a small community of about 3,500 people and fundraisers are hard to lift off the ground. We are hoping that with selling our design on tees and sweatshirts online people will be willing to offer support from around the globe to help with our mission and help keep our adoptable dogs bellys full while they await their second chances for a new home. 

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