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I’ve been fighting breast cancer since being diagnosed October 6th. I have Metaplastic Triple Negative breast cancer. I am currently stage 4. 


It all started in August that I originally thought it was a clogged duct. I was breastfeeding surely there was no way I had breast cancer. September I called the doctor they said it was mastitis. That I needed to suck up the pain and massage it harder. I called back a week later and demanded a mammogram. They didn’t want to do it at first they wanted me to come in. I refused and stated I needed a mammogram. They ultimately gave it to me but ordered a ultrasound as well. The day it happen they called me at least an hour after it. I needed biopsy, that was done in Sept 31. Waiting for the results was torture, on Oct 6th I got the news no one wants to hear. You have Breast Cancer. 

Im stage 4 right now as of January 9th 2018.

If you like check me out on Facebook at Fight Mama Fight. 




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