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Good Deeds Detroit-Assisting Homelessness In Detroit, Michigan

We are looking to assist as many as possible with necessities while waiting for housing in the Metro Detroit area. 


Hello everyone I am Stephanie. I’ve grown up in church where our community efforts were always successful. My family church always had events on the weekend that would assist the local neighborhood. But it wasn’t until I started my own dessert business that I would encounter my passion & purpose.

In June 2016 I was out selling desserts for my baking business called PK’S SWEETS. I had cheesecake slices & bottled water left over. I drove around & passed out those items to people sitting on the streets, it was at that moment that I felt like I needed to do more.


So I expressed to my friends & family what I wanted to do, and their question was when are you ready? So from there, our journey began.


We go to areas in Metro Detroit to provide as much food, toiletries, clothing, beverages, encouragement, listening ears and giving hearts. We welcome like-minded individuals that are willing to help, motivate & encourage people that don’t have the same walk of life as themselves.



Donations & connections of any kind are always accepted. We look forward to hearing from you & working with you to help better our communities.

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