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By purchasing this T-shirt, you will help us raise money so we can buy and deliver toys to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Thank you!


In 2014, Taylor came to her friends with an idea. What if we created some sort of foundation that helps us raise money? We can use that money to buy and delivers toys to a children’s hospital. Olivia and Autumn were automatically on board. They later called, Hannah, who lives a few hours away, and asked if she wanted to help. Again, she was excited and wanted to join. The group didn’t really kickstart until 2016 though  

 By December of 2016, the group had raised over $500 and delivered 83 toys on December 17 to Seattle Children’s Hospital. 

So here we are today. Currently, we have 36 toys to deliver but we are aiming to deliver over 100 this year. By purchasing the T-shirt, you can help us achieve our goal. Even if you don’t decide to buy one, you help us simply by reading this. Thank you so much!

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