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Please help my family start new and fresh. Been having a very hard stressful 2 years. Read more about my family store below. 


It's been a really hard 2 years living in this apartment now. Almost got evicted twice. I do help pay rent, but sometimes my parents have to take a lot more from me and then leaves me falling short with other bills that I have to pay.

Mom - Drives for The Lyft Rental Program where part of her pay goes to the rental for the car. Honestly, She is not really making any money because the money goes to the rental. She is stress out all the time. She gets out late to drive and when I try to get her out earlier I get yelled at.

Dad - Security Guard for a big company. Now here he working to help pay most of the rent for the apartment and other bills, but we still fall short.
About a year ago, we were a one car family. My Dad had the only car in till it broke down. He found and got this security guard job. Which then helped for a down payment on a good price car, but he did have to wheel and deal for asking if the car dealer would work with him.

Also around that time we almost got evicted twice. We almost were homeless. That didn't feel good. It scared me so much.

Me - I work for a grocery store. I am also a dancer. I want to get a dance education. I work, in 2 dance classes, and help pay bills. I want to go professional in dance. I don't go to school and have been told by other people to get an education. I am stress out all the time at work and at home. The only time I feel fine in is dance class and when I am alone sometimes. I like to help other no matter what is going on with me. Also right now asking for help like this is hard for me.

I want help get my family in a home. I am hoping to pay for a home in full cash plus some new things for the home. Pay off my Dad's car and maybe get my Mom to get her own car for Lyft and not a rental car.
Then maybe get dance education for me.

Please help if you can. 

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