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Heart 4 Clean Water

We waste more water in the USA then ever. Help us celebrate with a well for a small forgotten community in Africa (Agu Na Ebere). Heart 4 Clean Water!


Agu Na Ebere has been forgotten by local, state and federal government officials. In addition to needing clean drinking water, this community is in dire need of many other things including medical care and access to good schools.  Life is hard there, and people do not have access to basic life necessities.

Many people in Agu Na Ebere are forced to drink from percolating waters -- water that oozes and seeps. In this rural location, water filters through the soil from beneath the surface without a defined channel and is highly polluted.

We think that the people of Agu Na Ebere deserve better things, like we have here in the USA.  Unclean drinking water causes myriad health problems and can even lead to death.

Together we can ensure that this community doesn’t have to face water-borne illnesses, such as cholera and typhoid fever ever again.  Together we can ensure a new generation of healthy children and young adults.  We know that having access to clean water costs money, and so we need everyones help! Want you help?

WE have join forces with LLEM International, a non-governmental organization who is committed to rescuing the people of Agu Na Ebere by providing clean drinking water.  Thier work their doesn’t just end there. LLEM International is also committed to providing community members with other things to improve their hard lives, including care packages to meet their hygiene needs.

LLEM International  has announced the launch of the new Agu Na Ebere Clean Water and Hygiene Project to help this community The goal is to raise $50,000 for this project.  It must happen and it will because of generous people like yourself who don't mind purchasing a few of our Tshirts and put this small community out there. Failure is not an option! Let's SHARE HEART 4 CLEAN WATER!

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