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Honey Run Covered Bridge-2

The Honey Run Covered Bridge was built in 1886 and became an icon to the residents of Chico, California. It was destroyed in the Camp Fire of 2018.


I was raised 1/4 of a mile from the Honey Run Covered Bridge, up in Butte Creek Canyon. Along with countless hones in Paradise and Butte Creek Canyon, this iconic bridge burned down. Many people are displaced and trying to figure out how to begin again. Fundraising efforts are underway for victims of this fire, but it will take time to rebuild communities and lives.

An effort to rebuild the Honey Run Covered Bridge is in effect. Many of us who have grown close to the canyon and this bridge feel that by rebuilding icons like this landmark, we begin the process of healing and putting back together the delicate pieces of history and a community that deserves to remain in place.

At this time, proceeds from this shirt will go toward the HRCB Association, which is working to rebuild this historic bridge.

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