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Dan's Road to Recovery

We've designed this shirt to help raise money for Dan and his road to recovery.


Daniel was in a dirt bike accident on October 21st. He had to be flown from Almagordo New Mexico to El Paso Texas due to the life threatening injuries he sustained during the wreck. He tore his larynx in half, he has a hole in his trachea which requires a tracheotomy. There is possible damage to his vocal cords which at this time we don’t know if he will be able to talk ever again. Both of his wrists are broken and will require surgery to place steel plates and rods to assist his joints. He broke at least 7 ribs which caused both of his lungs to collapse, this requires him to be on a ventilator to assist him with breathing. He broke his nose as well. He was wearing a helmet during the time of the wreck, but his chin strap sliced a thin cut on his upper neck which may have been what caused the pressure in his trachea. He has been placed under heavy sedation to keep him from damaging any of the tube sites in his neck. He has a very long road to recovery ahead of him and we appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. 
- Tammy, Laura and Brianna

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