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Humanity Is Alive

Humanity Is Alive is An Initiative by Ankit to bring Happiness and Difference in the Lives of Under Privileged You can become a part of our efforts.


Humanity Is Alive is An Initiative by Ankit to bring Happiness and Difference in the Lives of Under Privileged

You can become a part of our efforts and their Happiness by shopping on this Website.

The profit made through this Cause, we help Under Privileged kids / Adults / Blind home Schools / Old age homes / Charity Schools / Orphanages…

There are many underprivileged children around the world who are eager to learn but they grow up without an education because of certain circumstances they face. Reflecting upon the moments of my life that have impacted me greatly, I remember my vacation to India few years back. At young ages, children are seen as hard workers who strive to help their families so they can make ends meet. I was disheartened to see how a young thirteen year old boy worked at a little fast food restaurant to earn little amount of money. When I talked to the boy he said he wished he can get an education and have a good living that everyone values. Being the oldest in the family, it was his duty to support his parents. It's amazing how these children understand their responsibilities at such a young age. Since they get busy with supporting their family they always lack one thing; going to school and getting an education.

Having an opportunity to learn, to get an education, and being able to make my future better always makes me feel lucky. America indeed is a land full of opportunities and I believe I have the chance right now to make the most out of my life. Many people around the world wish to build their future the way they want it to be, but coming from low-income housing circumstances stops them from doing so. When I talked to the thirteen year old boy he told me he wished he was able to go to America and get an opportunity to become a successful businessman one day. This young boy had bought me back to reality and showed me what the real world is actually like.

As maturing, I'm starting to see life in a different perspective. There are many things to life which we young adults don't see sometimes. I believe during these few years if we take hold of our lives and understand the real meaning of life, we can accomplish anything we want in the future. When thinking about the future, I see myself achieving a successful career as a radiologist and excelling more. Along with making my future better, I want to have the chance to help people. Medical field will allow me to do such noble deeds. While volunteering at the doctor's office I had a different experience. "I help other people who are in need because I like to get their blessings. If I help them god will help me." The doctor showed me how helping other makes you feel better. I wish to do the same for the people who are in need, through my education. To get to success, there will be many things which would need to be sacrificed, but sacrificing these little things would pay the price for what I wanted. Once given an opportunity it shouldn't be missed, even if it means impossible situations.

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