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Leigh's Wheelchair Fund

Help Leigh save up funds to get a wheelchair so that he can go about his day with less pain caused by scoliosis-related muscle spasms.


Hi all!

For the last year I've had at least six episodes of extremely severe lower back pain and muscle spasms resulting in lost work time and forcing me to miss out on a lot of activities and time with friends and family. I learned last month that this is the result of 15 degree scoliosis, both in my thoracic and lumbar spine areas.

The lumbar spine should be aided in a short while when I'm able to have custom shoe orthotics made (around $500 to start), but the thoracic scoliosis remains. In addition, at age 30 I already have lumbar disc degeneration and a shifted sacrum, which is going to be a permanent component of my daily pain.

This current episode of pain is at two weeks now, during which I've had to use a cane full time. With this I am still barely able to function and am in severe pain from as short a walk as down the hall to the bathroom and back at work. I can't continue forcing myself to live in pain in the hopes of magically getting better, so I'm starting now to save for a proper wheelchair so that I can continue my daily life while letting my damaged back rest.

I'd love to do more t-shirt designs, so let me know over on my Twitter @stitchfeather what you'd like to see made!



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