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Lynch Syndrome 1 in 279

💜Lynch Syndrome International is celebrating PREVIVORS AND SURVIVORS of Lynch Syndrome! EVERYDAY IS A BLESSING, THEREFORE WE SEIZE THE DAY💜


Lynch Syndrome is a Hereditary Cancer Syndrome which predisposes an individual to developing a myriad a    cancers at a younger age onset than typical. Those with Lynch Syndrome have a mismatched repair gene, otherwise known as a mutated gene. Lynch Syndrome is NOT RARE! An estimated 1 in 279 people in America have Lynch Syndrome when less than 5% of these individuals are aware that they have it! This leaves too many people vulnerable to develope cancer without being able to be be PROACTIVE by receiving annual medical surveillance tests to prevent cancer or catch it in the early stages. That's why we RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT LYNCH SYNDROME💜

Knowledge+Surveillance = LIFE 💜



#Survivors #Previvors



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