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Melissa Elko's 2nd Breast Cancer Journey-2

Melissa has been diagnosed with Stage 2 B breast cancer and is ready to fight for a second time!

Melissa's Second Breast Cancer Journey

My journey started around April 9 2018 when my two cats started massaging my left breast which seemed odd to me. Then two weeks later I discovered some hardness in the same breast the cats was massaging and I was scheduled for my mammogram the following week and mentioned it to them. They call me the next day and said I needed to have a ultrasound done. Then two days later it was done. Then the next day I had to get a biopsy done and wait for the results the following week. The next week I saw the Oncologist in Des Moines and they said I had Breast Cancer in the left Breast and lymph nodes. The Oncologist gave us the plan of what had to be done. They scheduled a MRI the following week and get another port put back in. The following week they ordered a PET scan, and then we talked to Dr. Westberg on what he wanted to proceed to do. He suggested 6 rounds of Chemotherapy every three weeks and then schedule surgery to do a total Mastectomy on both breasts and then do radiation to the area. Thank You all for the prayers and I Thank the good Lord it didn't spread throughout the whole body.
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