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Milwaukee Is Greater Together

This shirt is a step forward giving back to the city of Milwaukee, a shirt to inspire the next generation of creators.


Growing up Milwaukee, I never quite understood the problems my city faced and the importance of community until leaving it. I began to realize ways to be more active in community events when I left to Japan to work as an English teacher.

The challenge? 

Milwaukee faces the highest residental segregation based on poverty, black/white unemployment gaps and worst incarceration rate for black men in the country. Being a child of a low-income, single mother household, I could easily relate to the struggle of coming up in the city. I could feel the effects prevelant in the Milwaukee Public School system. Being a teacher in Japan gave me countelss ideas on areas to improve on, even. So it's always been a calling of mine to give back to kids coming up in my city in some capacity...

So after getting involved in a variety of Japanese community festivals and events, along with inspiration from leaders I've met throughout my time growing up in the city, I wanted to deliver the same energy back. That's when I met the creative team at Greater Together, a non-profit organization that promotes racial and economic equity in the creative industries in the Greater Milwaukee area. 

I was excited to be a part of an organization that gives back to the community and takes measures to build a pipeline for the youth into the creative industry, giving the next generation the tools they need to problem solve and design a better future. 

This shirt is a step foward representing the little I can do towards giving back. More to come for sure!

All proceeds will benefit Greater Together, which you can learn a little bit more about here: http://greatertogether.me/

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