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Mixed Kids Unite

Aiming to write / publish a short story on the mixed kid experience! Part of the funds will go to hiring a talented illustrator. 


Growing up as biracial, my identity was always questioned one way or the other whether it was through people asking "What are you?" to assumptions of my behavior of questions surrounding "Why do you act like that?". Government forms were no different, asked to check one or the other when it came to race, putting me in an interesting spot of pledging loyalty to one particular side of my "race". The process itself led me to always be curious on identity and creativity, along with its place in culture overall. At that, how identity impacts culture. This shirt sheds a light of my own experience choosing "White" on my Driver's License and "Black" on my Financial Aid forms for college. 

One goal of mine since being a kid was to create a book for mixed kids. A book that would help them creatively explore and understand their own identity, as they find their place in the world. I've created this campaign as a start to finally create that book, and gather the funds in order to make it happen. 

One portion of the fund will be to hire a fellow mixed kid who's illustration I love which can be found here: www.instagram.com/cekpo_art

The other will go towards getting the written work created and exploring how to get it published. 

Aside from this, I also plan to interview multiple multiracial individuals and document their stories on my interview channel, 1MinStorys. www.facebook.com/1minstorys

And of course, I aim to make more shirts! Stay tuned. :) 

For the backstory behind the Drivers License piece, check out this article!


If you have a personal story you'd like to share, please reach out! carmellovision@gmail.com



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