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MKE4ALL - One Milwaukee Community

Milwaukee - A city of nearly 200 neighborhoods, but one community.  This t-shirt features the names of all city neighborhoods.  


MKE4ALL was founded in 2017 by a group of Milwaukee women with a single goal: Strengthen the community ties within our city through targeted fundraisers for organizations that are commited to making our city a great place for everyone. 

On March 11th, we will be holding a fundraiser for Program the Parks, a grassroots group that is uplifting the Sherman Park neighborhood by meeting the needs of it's residents. Initially focused on providing support for kids that would congregate in the park itself, it has grown to be so much more. After nearly 3 years, Program the Parks has established itself as an organization that Sherman Park residents can rely on whether for after school activities for kids, summer programs, Friday movie nights, computer training, school mentoring, and so much more. 

All net proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts and all donations will go directly to Program The Parks to support their incredible work. 

The fundraiser is being held at Bounce Milwaukee from 2-5pm on March 11th and is open to the public.

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