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Morgan's Classroom Library T-Shirt Fund Raiser

The cute phrase on this shirt helps you send a message about the importance of literacy... and helps me build it in my classroom!


Although we have a great library at LVHS, studies really speak to the importance of building a classroom library. Having a larger classroom library helps me promote literacy by giving my students direct access to books and making it easier for them to interact with quality literature. Most of my personal books have made their way to my classroom shelves, and I am prone to ordering any book that a student tells me they're interested in. Regardless, my library still isn't very impressive, and the cost really adds up. A lot of kids (some who aren't even avid readers) will gander at my small collection, but they end up walking away empty-handed because I just don't have enough of a variety to meet their needs. These shirts send a cute message about the importance of literacy-- while helping me build it in my classroom!

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