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Stay Feisty - Roger M Dye Memorial-2

Roger was an orange tabby/Siamese mix. He became disabled March 15, 2018, and passed June 8, 2018. True to character, he stayed feisty 'til the end.


Roger was a stray, living in a neighbor's back yard, when he found me back in 2007. He was about a year old. He became my constant companion and soulmate kitty. We went on many adventures through the years, including traveling to PA a year ago. Roger had his own car seat and seat belt, as well as his own leopard print stroller. He traveled in style! He wore shirts to help him with his anxiety. This evolved into Halloween costume contests at our vet's office. He loved catnip and butter! When he became disabled in March, he pretty much went everywhere with me. If he wasn't allowed to go in somewhere, I didn't go. The only exception was the grocery store. His care took up the majority of my day, but I didn't mind one bit. He was worth it!

Roger has 3 siblings: Melissa, Sonjay, and Danny.

Melissa is a 16 year old calico. We expect her to need some medical attention as she ages. She has had a history of interstitial cystitis over the years, and now has slightly elevated kidney values. The past several years (knock on wood), we've been lucky.

Sonjay is a 6 year old Snowshoe Siamese kitty. He has several medical issues going on that will require care as he ages (kidney, eyesight, blood pressure). He was dumped in a feral colony a couple years ago and rescued by a friend of mine. During his time in the feral colony, someone shot at him. His one front leg is full of buck shot.

Danny is a 5 year old LARGE long haired orange boy. Large boy, tiny voice. Other than an occasional skin allergy, knock on wood again, he is healthy. We hope he stays that way for a long time!

All funds raised from the sale of these shirts and tote bags will be going directly to their care.

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