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Save The Corals

Corals are source of life, but they are slowly dying. Help restore corals, home of millions marine species and provider of food for the human race.


I grew up on an island and had the opportunity of going snorkeling several times a year. As i grew up, i would notice that corals would get less colourful and there would be less fish living in them. This made me really sad. What really affected me was the documentary 'Chasing Corals', which exposed the situation of corals around the world. I want to help make a change to corals because they are important to me. I was raised close to the ocean and seeing it deteriorate just breaks my heart. Corals are home to many species which I call family, hence 'Ohana'. 

Help me save our corals by buying a tshirt. All profits go to a coral restoration foundation. 

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