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Open Handed Ministries fundraiser


All proceeds from T-shirt sells go directly to OHM (Open Handed Ministries), Which is a not for profit, self supporting  ministry. 


Open Handed Ministries, (OHM), was founded out of a passion deeply rooted in Aaron Jones and myself, for helping others overcome life issues and for supporting them in developing and strengthening their walk with Christ. 

Aaron and myself will be celebrating 8 yrs clean and sober from Meth, alcohol and marital distrust, because others did the same for us. We want to take our experience of what our life without Christ was like and what our life became with Christ to help others find the same hope, healing and redemption. 

We are asking you to join our mission in reaching and helping as many as possible by purchasing one of our shirts. All proceeds go directly to OHM, which is a self supporting non-profit ministry. 


By purchasing a shirt you are helping provide a meeting space, pizza as well as a key tag, that celebrates and signifies milestones of not just behavior modification, but a heart transformation. Raised proceeds are also anticipated to help purchase, life recovery bibles for each attender, a life recovery workbook and support the ministry with needed supplies. 


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