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our adoption story

this campain is to raise money for us to adopt a child me and my husband has tried to get pregnant for 1 year.we would love to have your support.


Our story hey, we our the Jones family this is our story The first thing I want to say is telling this story is not easy. we have two amazing kids 2 and 3 years old and we where trying for another child for about a year and then on December 16,2017 we found out we where pregnant .We where so happy and overjoyed but it came to a stop when we started having a lot or problems with the pregnancy .The doctors dismissed every sign that something was going wrong they treated me like i we crazy for telling them that there was something going wrong with the baby . Then this happened on January ,1,2018 i went to the hospital for more complication they did nothing . Sent me out the door like nothing was happening then on March,14,2018 I went for my 21 weeks ultrasound and found out that i had lost the baby due to an unhealthy placenta . the doctor came in the room and told me that she had been past on for about 4 weeks now and so on March,15,2018 i gave birth to my baby girl . so if you are wounder why i am telling you this is because i do not want anyone to believe that i am lying this is the truth . We where meant to have a third child . The doctors told me that i will never be able to have any more kids because i have ovarian syndrome and muscle damage from a c-section . So i ask that you help us complete our family anything will help we plan to use every penny to help us adopt our baby . We believe an unwanted child is wanted . A child is the most precious thing in the world . So i ask you to donate to this cause cause it will help make our dream come true and it will help a baby out there find us and live a full and healthy life so please donate to this . we thank you for all support and thank you for reading our story. Sincerely, Jones family

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