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Persist for Endometriosis Awareness -2

Resist while supporting a critical cause: helping women with endometriosis get access to life-changing surgery.


Endo (In)Visible's mission is to raise awareness and educate people about endometriosis, but above all, to raise funds to defray the costs asssocated with excision surgery. We believe equal access to life changing surgery should not only be accessible to those who have financial means, which is the case at the moment, since many of these highly skilled surgeons do not accept insurance. Endo (In)Visible was founded in 2016 after its creator suffered for decades with inconcistent and short-lived relief through the standard but ineffective first-line treatments offered by the majority of ob/gyns. After learning about and seeking out excision surgery, Melissa felt that she had been given a second chance at life and couldn't stand by to see the most effective treatment, excision surgery with a skilled specialist, remain out of reach for many.

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