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PHD ministries gear “One church no cliques”

Support a ministry that supports oneness in Christ. One body, many members. Help us get where God is taking us!


PHD ministries international is a highly anointed ministry, that teaches and empowers individuals through the unadulterated word of God. People around the world are being set free By the Holy Spirit through Prophet David Girley and his hand picked, anointed ministry staff. With a church home in Long Beach, California, and Eugene, Oregon this ministry is helping to add to the numbers of the Kingdom of God. Get your gear and help us in our endeavors to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the corners of the earth!! One church, no cliques is a phrase that God gave to our pastor to simplify what is missing in too many churches today. Everyone is welcome in Christ, and not one is better than the other. Jesus died for us all! Christ is the head of THE one church, and we are his body of believers. We cant do this without one another!

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