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Reckless Love for Faith

Trying to pay to go on a church trip in the summer that would mean the absolute world to me! I don’t want to give up on this goal for me! Please help!


Young Life is a Christian youth community that has changed my life. A friend of mine invited me to one of their clubs one Monday night and I fell in love. I go to a school that doesn’t have Young Life and so when I was invited by a friend of mine to his school’s Young Life, I knew nobody but yet felt so comfortable. The community and people are amazing. They lift you up and make sure you don’t do life alone. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a winter trip for a weekend in January and I came back changed. I went on that trip only knowing one person and I came back with so many friends and people I can do life with. Young Life is helping me come out of my shell, and if I was able to go to the summer camp in June, it would mean the world to me. I’m involved in so many clubs at school and I’m on the soccer team so I can’t get a job during the week to pay for this trip. I applied to 7 different places to work on the weekends, but I’ve had no luck. I’ve been told by so many people to give up on my goal right now and that I can’t achieve it. I just want to show them that with God anything is possible. If I want to go on this trip in the Summer to get closer to God, then I will make it happen. I’ve had my eyes and heart locked on making this goal a reality for a month now and I don’t want to stop. If you feel lead to help me and to buy an amazing shirt for a good cause, it’d mean more to me than you know. If we’re being honest, if I sell at least one shirt I will cry and be happy because any amount I raise will help me towards my $700 goal. Thank you for reading this and even if you don’t buy a shirt, I hope you have a blessed day! 

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