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Social Shirts For Life-Changing Rides

1-in-5 Kids Now Has A Delay. This shirt helps change that. Support a kid's therapeutic riding program in a small town in Arkansas full of roundabouts.


Helps us help children through our HorsePlay Hippotherapy program in little Conway, Arkansas. It's halfway between Pickle's Gap and Toad Suck where the traffic is learning how to yield... The British aren't coming, but they've made themselves known in at least 24 traffic intersections in our tiny town to thoroughly confuse all Southern drivers. If you get around the roundabouts you might pass a gorgeous barn that hosts hospitalized horses getting rehab'ed and oddly enough: children get therapy there too

You see we've just launched our pilot hippotherapy program... Uhhh a flying hippo--what?! Hippotherapy is using a horse's organized movements to fix disorganized movement in a human. 1-in-5 kids are struggling. This program offers occupational and physical therapy on a horse, y'all! We're a small group of pediatric therapists with a big dream for Conway's kids in need. Buying these threads #paysitforward in a roundabout way for 4 hooves & the little people.

Also, this is a cool t-shirt. It's got that whole social do-gooder vibe and people will think you're a good egg when you wear it. Do Good. 

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