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Stop for me

 we are all so heartbroken to learn of the family who lost their three children in a  preventable tragedy. 



I saw a tragic story on the news of four children being stuck by an oncoming vehicle. 

Sadly three kids lost their lives. The parents - I can’t imagine their pain of loss . 

I later learned that cars passing a stopped school bus happens a lot . 

What did these people learn in driving school, I wonder .

I was  also informed  when talking with my sisters, that my nieces and nephews have also been in harms way in similar situations. 

Needless to say it’s a shameful act of ignorance that someone can’t respect a school bus and children . It could be their kids next time. 

We have all rode a school bus at one time or another. 

I really don’t understand. I’ve waited for school buses because that’s what you do . 

I honestly feel that this issue needs to be taken up with the educational system and the law .  

Thank you - 


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