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#SuperAustyn campaign

Raising money to get a few things for Austyn medically that are not covered with his insurance to make his everyday life simpler for him. 


Austyn has had a long battle with his health. He has some moments when he is sick that his oxygen level drops, without any other symptoms. We are trying to get him a monitor for home so mom can make sure he is safe at all times. We are also trying to get him a baby monitor so that mom can hear him (and his pump) even when she is in her room sleeping. A way for him to sleep at an angle to help prevent a drop in oxygen and a precaution for if he throws up in his sleep. He had his liver transplant in may of 2017, went home finally in September of 2017. Was hospitalized again for pneumonia in January of 2018 and finally discharged February 2 of 2018. Any one who purchases a product, if you don’t mind sending us a picture of you sporting your #SuperAustyn gear to show Austyn how many people love and support him, it would be very much appreciated! 

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