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Support TAPography and the Hot Foot Honeys!

Support the Hot Foot Honeys and "TAPography," our fifth annual show on April 20-22, 2018 at the Buckman Performing Arts Center!


 The Hot Foot Honeys is Memphis' premier professional tap dance company, and we need your help! Your purchase of a t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, or tote bag with our snazzy logo will go to support the costs of our upcoming spring show, "TAPography," on April 20-22, 2018 at the Buckman Performing Arts Center.  Besides fresh new tap dances from the company, we will have live music from some of the mid-south's finest musicians, along with original group and solo choreography and performances by pro hoofer Asha Griffith. 


Of course, a production like this costs money, and that's where you can assist us. All proceeds from sales of merchandise will go to pay the musicians, guest artist, and company dancers for the show.  So, if you love dance and want to support the arts in Memphis, order your new Hot Foot Honeys logo merch today! 


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