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The Path Academy T-Shirt-2

Help those who want to change their lives and get out of the vicious cycle of addiction, homelessness, and re-entry into jail or prison.


The Path Academy is a Therapeutic Community that will be located in Utah County. The purpose of The Path Academy is to provide basic living needs for people that are addicted to drugs, ex-convicts or homeless. This program will help these people become successful and productive members of our community. To do this, they will learn to be self-reliant, gain work skills, and most importantly, be free from their former lives.

The best part about The Path Academy is that it will be totally FREE for the students. This is because the model we will follow will be self-sustaining. All we need are donations to get us going. Please consider investing in our community and in the lives of those who are struggling by purchasing one of these t-shirts.

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