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U-N-I-Verse Academy Raising Funds To Educate The Babies

U-N-I-Verse Academy is raising money to improve website resources(free to all) plus two Events that will give fresh produce/supplies out locally.


As a mother who saw three children SURVIVE Public School I felt we needed supplemental resources for parents who could not Home school their children. U-N-I-Verse Academy (UNIVA) was born to share ideas and resources freely no mater if you Homeschool or just want to conduct Supplemental Education at home. We have written books for children and have staarted to revamp our Home School Resource page on our website. We are an Awesome Autism home and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) advocates. Thank you for supporting our efforts to extend our efforts to reach as many children as possible. All proceeds will go to the website Resources and also the next two Events benefitting children in the Houston area with food and supplies. (Slated for Spring and Winter of 2019)

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