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ENCOURAGE. EMPOWER. INSPIRE. We seek to end the cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem by creating a unique experience that promotes self-love & awa


We live in a society where Suicide ranks as the number one cause of mortality in young girls between the ages 15 and 19 years globally. The “ME TOO” movement has become a trending topic uncovering many who have been the victim of sexual assault. Bullying is invading schools and workplaces across the country. There is a problem. You GO Girl will take an approach that seeks to build up our girls and young women from the inside. We are creating fearless females who will live their life’s passion without fear.

You GO Girl won’t be your typical conference. The event will be a day-long summit to help empower the girls and women in the community. The four main themes will be self-love, self-awareness, mental health, and physical health. There will be keynote speakers, music, song, poetry, and dance. It will include breakout sessions for both the girls and women. We have carefully selected those in our community and beyond who have overcome obstacles and have a story to tell and have a burning desire to empower others.

An event of this kind cannot be done without your help. Consider sponsoring today.

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